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Our Website Bringing $$$

Wednesday, March 04, 2009 7:39 PM | Deleted user
Late last year we added online registration to Club events and enabled online payment and donation with Credit Cards and PayPal. Both the Golf Tournament and the Mardi Gras Fundraisers utilized these website functions successfully. The Golf Tournament made online ticket and sponsorship sale estimated at $825, while the Mardi Gras made online ticket sale and donations valued at about $840.

Research shows
that more people are making purchases, payments and donations online so we can expect our Sertoma website to help generate more revenue for the Club as more members start making use of its various functions and features.

You can help by starting a donation campaign asking friends and family to support Richland Sertoma club and directing them to the website for more information about the Club and to make the transaction. Last year Obama's political campaign was very successful in implementing similar strategy. We have the tools, let's put it to work!

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