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New President elect!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 2:12 PM | Deleted user
  I was saddened by the resignation of Josh Cromer from the position of President Elect back in January.  I appreciate the time and effort he put in while he was in office and understand that a new baby and other changes can really effect how you need to use your time.

  I am very happy to announce that Linda Etheridge has graciously agreed to step in and take over as President Elect.  She was elected to the position at the March 9 board meeting and has already become a welcome presence on the board.  Linda has previously served as President of another Sertoma Club and has a wealth of knowledge about how the club is supposed to run.  Her leadership and organizational ability will be invaluable in moving our club forward during these interesting times.

   At the March 9 board meeting, Cory Manning, our Sponsorship Chairman, laid out our Sponsorship budget and indicated that we were not in a position to fund the entire budget as contemplated.  After a thorough review of the budget, we were able to cut several items that were not directly related to our core mission and were able to reduce the budget by over $6,000.00.  The items that were cut are important, and I hope that many of them can be restored in a subsequent budget if funds are available.

  Our next event will be the Spring Fling at Adams Pond in May.  It is important that everyone plan to come and bring your friends!  We will have Bar-B-Que, Beer and Wine and live music along with an auction and a great time!  This is a great opportunity to let some new people know what Sertoma is all about and to raise some money for our sponsorship budget!

  Last but not least, anyone who plans to attend the Atlantic Regional Convention needs to sign up by March 22 to get the lower admission fee.  The Convention will be held here in Columbia April 22-24.     
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