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President's Letter - August 2008

Saturday, August 02, 2008 12:30 PM | Anonymous member

Like many of you, I’ve seen the Camp Sertoma DVD but never could I have imagined that seeing the camp in person would be so life-changing, but it definitely is. Along with Eric Martin, Sally Langer, Valerie Russell and I accompanied our 2008 Camp Sertoma kids up to camp last month. I saw first-hand where some of our monies raised really go and now I can tell you, it’s definitely money well spent! Not only are the facilities at our camp first rate, they’re also first-class.


The children we send are given an opportunity to be with others like themselves. For one week, they live in an environment that not only nurtures them, it also gives them more activities and adventures than they’ve ever had. Moreover, it allows them to grow and succeed – all while having more fun than even they might have thought possible. All of this would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Eric Martin, who spearheaded the entire program for our club this year. From finding the 2008 campers, and working with their families, to arranging their transportation and chaperone assistance, Eric did it all…and did it flawlessly. Thank you Eric, and also thank you to Sally and Valerie for serving as our chaperones!


If that’s not enough, there’s even more – seeing the name ‘Richland Sertoma Club’ inscribed on both the donor plaque at the camp’s beautiful gateway entrance and the newly added bell, further increased my sense of pride for our club! Clearly, our Richland Sertoma Club really does make difference in the lives of others. Though your contributions of time and effort at events like Sportsarama, each of us has a significant hand in continuing to make Camp Sertoma successful.


Planning a major fundraiser the size and scope of Sportsarama don’t happen through the tireless work only one person, but rather because each of us. For nearly 50 years our club as produced this, our signature event that many Columbians know well and recall fondly. For many of Columbia natives (including me), Sportsarama brings back warmhearted memories of an earlier time in our lives, during our innocent youth. Little could we have known or even imagined when we were at an earlier Sportsarama, that one day we’d be a part of what’s much more than an annual football jamboree. It raises large sums of money to help so many of our less fortunate citizens year after year!


Through his generous gift, fellow club member and President of Columbia Printing and Graphics Scott DeRidder has made it possible for our entire advertising revenue to be used for our various sponsorships. Thank you Scott! Additionally, I also want to express my gratitude to our 2008 Sportsarama committee co-chairs Steve Etheredge and Jack Sterne along with the members of their committee: Eric Abuneel, Pat Blackwell, Rosemary Bryant, Mike Cashman, Marissa Evans, Fred Lamphere, Leighton McLendon, Mike Speer and Jamie Spell for all they’ve done upfront to ensure its success. Now it’s up to each of us to also do our part by assisting in whatever ways we can by lending a helping hand at the event itself at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, August 16th. Come see for yourself…while on the outset it may seem like you’ll work, you’ll really have a lot of fun.


Our very capable, talented and computer savvy Club Secretary Jason Richardson has created a special page for Sertoma documents that you can download from the web-page to your personal computer.  If you have any documents you’d like to see added on our website, please send them to him and he’ll do the rest!  Thanks Jason.

Don’t miss our August meetings! Thanks to our Board Chair Whitney Woolfolk, on Thursday, August 7th, Nancy Olson, Director of the Palmetto Project and Hearing Aid Bank will be speaking about the important work they do on behalf of the hearing impaired in our state. This caring organization is a recipient of Richland Sertoma Club sponsorship funds, made possible by your membership and your support in our club.

Did you know Columbia has some “new” historic gardens? Come to our meeting on Thursday, August 21st and discover what John Cullum says is “new” in our community.

Are you a golfer – do you know anyone who is? Mark your calendar now and make plans to attend our 2008 Annual Sertoma Charity Golf Tournament on Halloween, Friday, October 31st at Fort Jackson. Funds raised by this event support Palmetto Base Camp, Inc. and Camp Sertoma of South Carolina. This year the event is co-chaired by Jeff Hanson and Fred Lamphere and further implemented with committee members Mike Cashman, Steve Etheredge, Leighton McLendon, Phil Simoneaux, Jack Sterne and Valerie Russell. To do your part, please go to the calendar section of our website and download your registration and sponsorship forms. 

I hope you’ll have a wonderful (and cool) August. I look forward to seeing you at our  meetings on Thursday, August 7th and August 21st and of course, at Sportsarama on Saturday, August 16th. Thank you again for all you do to enrich the lives of so many. Truly, as a Sertoman, you live up to your commitment by providing SERvice TO MAnkind everyday.


Steven Langer


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