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  • Sunday, November 02, 2008 1:45 PM | Anonymous member

    As I sit down to write my blog for November, I think about gratitude and how much I appreciate the work that you do as Sertomans and how those things you do affect the lives of so many. It’s more than just your dues that make you valuable to our wonderful organization. When you support our activities through your presence and willingness to lend a hand, that makes a difference. Whether you’re asked to help or not, many of you are there – ready and able to do whatever needs to be done. I quite honestly know I’m not speaking to everyone, and if you don’t think this is about you, ask yourself “why not?” “What can I do to be a more active and participatory member of the Richland Sertoma Club?” The answer is simple – start by coming to lunchtime meetings, promptly pay your dues when billed, actively serving on the committee for which you belong and the rest will come easily. Each of us are like members of a long and distinguished chain, but truly, we’re only as strong as the weakest link. Your membership and support is absolutely vital to our organization and you are needed to perform the service in our community that so vitally needs to be done. It’s a new month, and almost a new year…won’t you make a commitment to do this right now?


    Speaking of gratitude – I do not want to go one sentence further without thanking each and every person who worked long and hard to make our annual golf tournament the success it was! It was truly an awesome event and each of you did an indescribably wonderful job. Not only was the weather perfect, everything else connected with this important fundraiser was, too!


    If you’re like most of us, you have a number of demands placed on your time. On any given day, more than one person is asking (and sometimes even pulling on you) for something – clearly I understand that. This isn’t one more thing, when it comes to community service, this is our thing – we’re members of Sertoma and service is what we’re all about. If you’ve missed more than one lunch meeting, please come back soon; we miss you. If you haven’t attended a meeting of your committee, please come to the next one; we need you. If you don’t remember on which committee you serve, please contact me.

    Between now and the end of 2008, here’s what’s coming up at our lunch meetings:


    Lunch meeting: Thursday, November 6th at 11:45am in the Summit Club: Colonel Kevin Shwedo, Deputy Commander - United States Army Training Center, Fort Jackson will update us on what’s happening at the Fort these days – and at the perfect time, too - just before Veteran's Day!


    Lunch meeting: Thursday, November 20th at 11:45am in the Summit Club: One of our newest members, Dr. Rich Harrill, will be telling us about tourism as an international economic development tool with some comments on the China tourism factor. 


    Lunch meeting: Thursday, December 4th at 11:45am in the Summit Club: Former Richland Sertoma Club President and celebrated Carolina Historian, Dr. Alexia Helsley, will share excepts from her new book, The History of Columbia.


    Lunch meeting: Thursday, December 18th at 11:45am in the Summit Club: Be sure to bring your kids and grands to see Santa when he comes to visit the Richland Sertoma Club!


    In this month of thanksgiving, I wish to close my blog this month with the immortal words of lyricist John Bucchino. For those of you who aren’t familiar with his work, I find one of his pieces particularly poignant this time of year; it’s called “Grateful.” Please read it and see if you agree:


    I've got a roof over my head
    I've got a warm place to sleep
    Some nights I lie awake counting gifts
    Instead of counting sheep

    I've got a heart that can hold love
    I've got a mind that can think
    There may be times when I lose the light
    And let my spirits sink
    But I can't stay depressed
    When I remember how I'm blessed


    Grateful, grateful
    Truly grateful I am
    Grateful, grateful
    Truly blessed
    And duly grateful


    In a city of strangers
    I got a family of friends
    No matter what rocks and brambles fill the way
    I know that they will stay until the end

    I feel a hand holding my hand
    It's not a hand you can see
    But on the road to the promised land
    This hand will shepherd me
    Through delight and despair
    Holding tight and always there


    Grateful, grateful
    Truly grateful I am
    Grateful, grateful
    Truly blessed
    And duly grateful


    It's not that I don't want a lot
    Or hope for more, or dream of more
    But giving thanks for what I've got
    Makes me happier than keeping score

    In a world that can bring pain
    I will still take each chance
    For I believe that whatever the terrain
    Our feet can learn to dance
    Whatever stone life may sling
    We can moan or we can sing


    Grateful, grateful
    Truly grateful I am
    Grateful, grateful
    Truly blessed
    And duly grateful


    Truly blessed
    And duly grateful.


    Have a wonderful November and a very Happy Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for each and everyone of you and hope to see you soon.


    In SERvice TO MAnkind,

    Steven Langer

  • Wednesday, October 01, 2008 5:37 AM | Anonymous member

    First and foremost, I would like to formally welcome our newest Club members. If you haven’t met them yet, please do. These wonderful individuals are: Evelyn Abernathy, Lamees Abourahma Abuneel,  Rosemary Bryant, Jordan Ellis, Marissa Evans, Rich Harrill, Sally Langer, Valerie Russell and Philip Simoneaux.


    To some of you October means it’s football season, while for others, it’s fair time (again) but whether you’re a Gamecock or a Tiger (or even something else), for members of the Richland Sertoma Club it also means another month with activities and events you will not want to miss. Here’s what you can expect to come your way this month:

    Lunch meeting: Thursday, October 2nd at 11:45am in the Summit Club: Thanks to Chris Weston, Jarrod Haning, principal violist, South Carolina Philharmonic will tell us “What Musicians Know about Getting Breakthrough Results.”

    Fall District Conference: Saturday, October 4th at 8:30am: If you’re able, plan to attend the Fall District Conference on Saturday, October 4, 2008 at the Woodside Plantation Country Club in Aiken. It’s a great way to get the inside word first about what’s happening in our Wade Hampton District!

    Lunch meeting: Thursday, October 16th at 11:45am in the Summit Club: Dan Felker, Wade Hampton District Governor, will give us the latest information on the new “corporate” structure of Sertoma International after combining with the Sertoma Foundation and the new awards program. The 2008 Mr. and Ms. Sportsarama candidates from the eight participating schools along with their chaperones will also join us at this meeting. Unlike our usual delicious buffet luncheons, at this meeting we’ll enjoy a sit down lunch with our Sportsarama celebrities before Dan’s update.

    Wednesday, October 22nd at 6:00pm (until 8:00pm) in the Summit Club: Make plans now to invite your friends and colleagues to our annual Club fall member rally! Our celebrated speaker Charlotte Berry, and spouse of former Club President, Joe will speak on the importance of giving back to one’s community. It’s a great opportunity to show others just how wonderful our Club (and our members) are and give others an opportunity to become a member, too. Speaking of our wonderful members, a huge thank you to Scott DeRidder, President of Columbia Printing and Graphics for the beautiful invitations! 

    Thursday, October 31st at the Fort Jackson Golf Club at 9:00am: Whether you play golf or not, come support our Club at our 8th Annual Sertoma Golf Tournament Supporting Camp Sertoma and Palmetto Base Camp, Inc  Veterans Homes on Halloween. Rates are: individuals $75; foursomes $300; hole sponsorships $100; four-person team and a tee-box sponsorships $500. Please contact Jack Sterne for more details about this special event at: or by telephone at 419.8558.


    November’s meetings are equally enlightening. While marking your calendar for what’s coming in October (as noted above), mark your calendar for these, too. Here’s what you can look forward to next month:


    Lunch meeting: Thursday, November 6th at 11:45am in the Summit Club: Colonel Kevin Shwedo, Deputy Commander - United States Army Training Center, Fort Jackson will update us on what’s happening at the Fort these days – and it’s just before Veteran's Day, too!


    Lunch meeting: Thursday, November 20th at 11:45am in the Summit Club: One of our newest Club members, Dr. Rich Harrill, will share his expertise on  tourism as an international economic development tool with some comments on the China tourism factor.


    Ann Pauley and her dedicated committee are cranking up for the Mardi Gras Auction and Party and need your help! PLEASE start getting donations for this major fundraiser. The February 21st event will be here soon and WE ALL need to lend a hand. Please contact Ann at or by telephone at 920.7258, and see what you can do to help. During the fourth quarter many organizations are setting up those non-profits to which they’ll donate in the coming year. Therefore, this is a great time to request donations!


    In this difficult times many people are hurting and we make a difference. As our Club continues to grow, we continue to expand our reach in serving those among us who are most in need. We continue to live our lives in keeping with the most noble of ideals. Those ideals are the basis of what Sertoma is – and you are as a Sertoman. Thank you for all you do in SERvice TO MAnkind.


    Have a cool October and I’ll see you soon.


    Steven Langer

  • Monday, September 01, 2008 3:21 PM | Anonymous member

    Can you smell it? It’s in the air…no, not the pungent aroma of a tailgating delectable, it’s even better than that. It’s the scent of a Sertoma Club on the move. A Sertoma Club doing great things…and that Sertoma Club is THE Richland Sertoma Club! It started nearly 50 years ago and continues until today and it’s because of members like you. People who not only say you want to provide SERvice TO MAnkind, but actually do. You don’t have to look any further than last month at the Sportsarama when so many of you not only lent your hands by selling ads for the souvenir programs, you also came and worked at the event itself. A simple but extremely heartfelt thanks to each and everyone who did their part in making the 2008 Sportsarama the huge success it was.

    It’s been said that “success builds on success” and I have to agree with the maxim.  From a growing membership, to active and supportive cadre of each of you, we continue to do what ever needs to be done. For our Club to continue to further grow and develop in the future, I have asked each committee chair to begin the process of writing the basics procedures for their mission. Along with writing their procedural guide, I’m asking that they designate members of their respective committees as mentees for whom they can share their institutional knowledge. If you’re not already in a leadership role in our Club, I encourage you to accept the offer to become one if asked. You’ll learn from those who’ve done it – walked the Club’s walk – and talked the Club’s talk. Moreover, you’ll learn what needs to be done without ever having to reinvent the event yourself. You’ll only need to learn how to replicate what’s been done over and over again. And I might add, done well.

    You will not want to miss a Club meeting in September! On September 4th,  Warner Montgomery will share his own brand of South Carolina history with us.  As always, Warner’s history, while accurate, is one you’ve probably never heard before! Then on September 18th, Libby Anne Inabinet, State Director of the South Carolina Recording for the Blind and Dyslectic (RFB&D) will tell us all about her non-profit organization.. I encourage you to come and learn more about the important work RFB&D does in recording school textbooks to aid students with reading disabilities.

    Further, the orientation and installation of our newest members will be held at the Summit Club on Tuesday evening, September 9th at 6:00pm, immediately before Whitney’s next meeting of the Board. Please plan to come in support of Evelyn Abernathy, Rosemary Bryant, Sally Langer, Valerie Russell and Phil Simoneaux, as they become members of our Club. Thank you to our very own Jeff Hanson who will once again serve as our orientation facilitator at this special event.

    Additionally, please remember that the the Fall District Conference is scheduled for Saturday, October 4th at the Woodside Plantation Country Club in Aiken. Please let me know if you’d like to attend and I’ll be certain to immediately forward an application form to you. 

    Finally, please do whatever you can to support our 2008 Annual Sertoma Charity Golf Tournament on Friday, October 31st at Fort Jackson. Funds raised by this event support Palmetto Base Camp, Inc. and Camp Sertoma of South Carolina. This year the event is co-chaired by Jeff Hanson and Fred Lamphere and further implemented with committee members Mike Cashman, Steve Etheredge, Leighton McLendon, Phil Simoneaux, Jack Sterne and Valerie Russell. If you’ve not already done so, please go to the calendar section of our website, and download your registration and sponsorship forms.    

    As always, thank you again for all you do on behalf of those we serve. You do make a difference, and you are truly appreciated!

    In SERvice TO MAnkind,

    Steven Langer

  • Monday, August 25, 2008 11:51 AM | Deleted user
    10/16/08-- Thursday Club lunch meeting 11:45 AM. Speaker is Dan Felker, Wade Hampton District Governor, on the new “corporate” structure of Sertoma International after combining with the Sertoma Foundation and the new Awards Program. Guests: The 2008 Mr/Ms Sportsarama from the eight participating schools with a chaperone will join the event. Will be a sit down lunch with the Camp Sertoma video and Sportsarama celeb introductions in front of Dan’s remarks.
  • Thursday, August 07, 2008 7:07 AM | Anonymous member

    The following is a copy of the current wish list for (and from) Camp Sertoma. I have asked Eric Martin, Camp Sertoma Committee Chair (and President-Elect) to call his committee together to come up with a plan for our Club to provide some of their requested items.

    In addition to what we’re able to do through our Club sponsorships, as individual Sertomans you can also independently do your share. I encourage you to lend a hand and send whatever items you can. Whatever you do will help.

    In SERvice TO MAnkind, I thank you.



    MityLite ProLite chairs (100)

    Commercial pool/patio furniture


    Oreck vacuum cleaners


    Aquatic climbing wall for lake

    Leaf Blower (back pack type preferred)

    Windows for Camp Sertoma cabins (contact Norman at the Lab)

    Bob Cat Loader


    Paper towels

    Toilet paper

    Heavy-duty garden hoses

    56 gallon trash bags

    Batteries  (especially “D” and “AA”)

    Sleeping bags-summer season

    Plastic tarps

    Sidewalk chalk, Crayons, Markers


    Lice shampoo and spray

    Paper cups, paper plates, napkins

    Boxes of medium/heavy plastic knives, forks, spoons

    Toilet paper

    Zip lock bags of any size, particularly gallon

    Light bulbs (fluorescent preferred)(60 or 75 watt)

    Rope (any length and diameter)


    Bug spray


    Balloons, Beach balls, Hula Hoops

    Shovels and rakes

    Foam paintbrushes

    Elmer’s Glue


    Small canoe paddles (4'-5')

    Plastic laundry baskets

    Liquid bleach

    Laundry detergent (powdered)

    Fabric softener

    Mops, Brooms, Dust pans



    Toilet bowl brushes

    Hand sanitizer (clear gel in pump bottles)

    Boys/girls underwear (various sizes)

    Lysol spray (white can)

    Herbicide sprayers

    3 and/or 5 gallon drinking water coolers (Igloo or Gott type)

    Lifejackets (adult & child sizes)






    Home Depot

    Sam’s Club

    If you have questions about making donations or if you have something not on this list,

    please contact Norman McGee or Leslie Conrad at 864.646.7502

    or email at for further information.


    Mailing and/or UPS Address:

    Clemson University Outdoor Lab

    Twin Lakes Road

    Pendleton, South Carolina  29670

    Revised 05/13/08

  • Saturday, August 02, 2008 12:30 PM | Anonymous member

    Like many of you, I’ve seen the Camp Sertoma DVD but never could I have imagined that seeing the camp in person would be so life-changing, but it definitely is. Along with Eric Martin, Sally Langer, Valerie Russell and I accompanied our 2008 Camp Sertoma kids up to camp last month. I saw first-hand where some of our monies raised really go and now I can tell you, it’s definitely money well spent! Not only are the facilities at our camp first rate, they’re also first-class.


    The children we send are given an opportunity to be with others like themselves. For one week, they live in an environment that not only nurtures them, it also gives them more activities and adventures than they’ve ever had. Moreover, it allows them to grow and succeed – all while having more fun than even they might have thought possible. All of this would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Eric Martin, who spearheaded the entire program for our club this year. From finding the 2008 campers, and working with their families, to arranging their transportation and chaperone assistance, Eric did it all…and did it flawlessly. Thank you Eric, and also thank you to Sally and Valerie for serving as our chaperones!


    If that’s not enough, there’s even more – seeing the name ‘Richland Sertoma Club’ inscribed on both the donor plaque at the camp’s beautiful gateway entrance and the newly added bell, further increased my sense of pride for our club! Clearly, our Richland Sertoma Club really does make difference in the lives of others. Though your contributions of time and effort at events like Sportsarama, each of us has a significant hand in continuing to make Camp Sertoma successful.


    Planning a major fundraiser the size and scope of Sportsarama don’t happen through the tireless work only one person, but rather because each of us. For nearly 50 years our club as produced this, our signature event that many Columbians know well and recall fondly. For many of Columbia natives (including me), Sportsarama brings back warmhearted memories of an earlier time in our lives, during our innocent youth. Little could we have known or even imagined when we were at an earlier Sportsarama, that one day we’d be a part of what’s much more than an annual football jamboree. It raises large sums of money to help so many of our less fortunate citizens year after year!


    Through his generous gift, fellow club member and President of Columbia Printing and Graphics Scott DeRidder has made it possible for our entire advertising revenue to be used for our various sponsorships. Thank you Scott! Additionally, I also want to express my gratitude to our 2008 Sportsarama committee co-chairs Steve Etheredge and Jack Sterne along with the members of their committee: Eric Abuneel, Pat Blackwell, Rosemary Bryant, Mike Cashman, Marissa Evans, Fred Lamphere, Leighton McLendon, Mike Speer and Jamie Spell for all they’ve done upfront to ensure its success. Now it’s up to each of us to also do our part by assisting in whatever ways we can by lending a helping hand at the event itself at Memorial Stadium on Saturday, August 16th. Come see for yourself…while on the outset it may seem like you’ll work, you’ll really have a lot of fun.


    Our very capable, talented and computer savvy Club Secretary Jason Richardson has created a special page for Sertoma documents that you can download from the web-page to your personal computer.  If you have any documents you’d like to see added on our website, please send them to him and he’ll do the rest!  Thanks Jason.

    Don’t miss our August meetings! Thanks to our Board Chair Whitney Woolfolk, on Thursday, August 7th, Nancy Olson, Director of the Palmetto Project and Hearing Aid Bank will be speaking about the important work they do on behalf of the hearing impaired in our state. This caring organization is a recipient of Richland Sertoma Club sponsorship funds, made possible by your membership and your support in our club.

    Did you know Columbia has some “new” historic gardens? Come to our meeting on Thursday, August 21st and discover what John Cullum says is “new” in our community.

    Are you a golfer – do you know anyone who is? Mark your calendar now and make plans to attend our 2008 Annual Sertoma Charity Golf Tournament on Halloween, Friday, October 31st at Fort Jackson. Funds raised by this event support Palmetto Base Camp, Inc. and Camp Sertoma of South Carolina. This year the event is co-chaired by Jeff Hanson and Fred Lamphere and further implemented with committee members Mike Cashman, Steve Etheredge, Leighton McLendon, Phil Simoneaux, Jack Sterne and Valerie Russell. To do your part, please go to the calendar section of our website and download your registration and sponsorship forms. 

    I hope you’ll have a wonderful (and cool) August. I look forward to seeing you at our  meetings on Thursday, August 7th and August 21st and of course, at Sportsarama on Saturday, August 16th. Thank you again for all you do to enrich the lives of so many. Truly, as a Sertoman, you live up to your commitment by providing SERvice TO MAnkind everyday.


    Steven Langer


  • Monday, July 14, 2008 9:55 PM | Deleted user

    I've created a special page for Sertoma documents that members can download from the web-page to their personal computer.  If anyone has any documents they would like to see added please send them my way and I'll get them up there.



  • Wednesday, July 02, 2008 6:09 PM | Deleted user

    My Fellow Sertomans:

    First, please let me thank you for bestowing the club presidency on me for 2008-2009. I look forward to working with each and every one of you in the coming year.

    Before outlining my goals for the year, please join me in applause for the hard work and dedication demonstrated by Whitney as President, Bill as Board Chair and the entire 2007-2008 Board of Directors.

    I also want to thank in advance those who have agreed to serve in leadership roles, as well as those serving as committee members for the coming year. I believe you’ll find the entire 2008-2009 cabinet to be as committed to our club as any you’ve ever seen. You will hear the upcoming plans of those new board members and committee chairs who are here later this evening. In the meantime, let me tell you who your new board members and committee chairs are:

    Board Chair:  Whitney Woolfolk

    President:  Steven Langer

    President-Elect:  Eric Martin

    Vice President - Sponsorships:  Cory Manning

    Vice President - Memberships:  Pat Mason

    Secretary:  Jason Richardson

    Treasurer:  Alan Grimsley

    Member-at-Large:  Mike Long

    Member-at-Large:  Jack Sterne

    Sergeant-at-Arms:  Steve Etheredge

    Mardi Gras Auction – 2009 Chair: Ann Pauley

    Sportsarama – 2008 Co-Chairs: Steve Etheredge and Jack Sterne

    Club Awards and Member Recognition Chair: Leighton McLendon

    Golf Tournament Co-Chairs: Jeff Hanson and Fred Lamphere

    Publicity Chair: Valerie Russell

    Club’s 50th Anniversary – 2009 Chair: Whitney Woolfolk

    Sponsorship Chair: Cory Manning

    Service to Mankind Chair: To Be Determined

    Sertoman of the Year Chair: Steve Etheredge

    Freedom and Democracy Essay Contest Chair: Marshall Taylor

    Camp Sertoma Chair: Eric Martin

    Membership Chair: Patrick Mason

    Columbia College Club Chair: Debbie Sowell

    Safe Ears Chair: To Be Determined

    Website and Club E-Bulletin Chair: Jason Richardson

    50th Sportsarama Anniversary – 2010 Chair: Pat Blackwell

    As with any organization, new members are essential to continued growth and success – and to that end I propose that in the coming year, together we increase our club’s membership by at least 12 – that’s only one new member minimum each month!

    One of the first things you’ll see this year is the creation of a publicity committee to promote in print and where possible and appropriate, television, our club’s activities and events including:


    Golf Tournament

    Mardi Gras Auction and Party

    Club’s 50th Anniversary – April 2009

    Club Awards and Member Recognition


    Service to Mankind

    Sertoman of the Year

    Freedom and Democracy Essay Contest

    Camp Sertoma

    Columbia College Club

    Safe Ears

    50th Sportsarama Anniversary – August 2010

    Publicity about these events will also be sent to Sertoma International for possible inclusion in The Sertoman magazine.

    I believe that this enhanced club publicity will increase community awareness about our wonderful organization, which will, in turn, make both our fundraising and new member recruitment efforts more productive.

    Your work for Sertoma is always appreciated. Others however need to be know more about our projects and events, however and through the efforts of the publicity committee, you’ll also receive the public recognition you so richly deserve.

    While it may take more than one year to fully implement, this year I want to begin the establishment of a mentor-mentee program for our newer members to learn from our more senior members the "how to do" the Sportsarama, the Golf Tournament and the Mardi Gras. We have a huge amount of institutional knowledge in our club and we must not loose this valuable information! With a back-up written standard operations procedure to assist in the future planning of these events, we will be safe.

    Hearing and speech has always been what Sertoma is about and yet unfortunately very little has been done in this area on the club level in the last few years. To remedy that, I have met with Chris Burnette, the President of the Columbia Club and gained his commitment to jointly put together with our club a Safe Ears program in the community at some to be determined date.

    Let us commit now that next summer we will at least equal number of campers to Camp Sertoma that we sent this year, if not more.

    Next spring our club will be 50 years young. In light of this very special time in our history, please remember 5 for 50. As I continue with this talk, I’m confident you’ll see what I mean by that…

    The next regional convention is April 16 through April 19, 2009, and will be held in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, only 170 miles from Columbia. Please mark your 2009 calendar now and make plans to attend. We need to send a minimum of five members from our club!

    Thanks to the extremely generous contribution of our club member and President of Columbia Printing and Graphics, Scott DeRidder, every member should make an extra push to sell ads for the Sportsarama souvenir program with a personal goal of selling at least five ads.

    Likewise, each member should make it their personal goal to invite and get a minimum of five teams or golfers for the Golf Tournament, along with a personal goal of getting a minimum of five items for the goodie bags of each golfer who attends the event.

    For the Mardi Gras Auction and Party, each member should make it their personal goal to invite and sell tickets to a minimum of five couples and obtain a minimum of five items for the live auction and five items for the silent auction.

     For each of our signature events – Sportsarama, the Golf Tournament and the Mardi Gras Auction and Party, please remember 5 for 50. While five is great, even more is better! Through our achieving each of these goals together, we will continue to build on the successes of our past while continuing to move ahead in the future.

    In conclusion, please remember the words of Mohammed Ali regarding service when he said "service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

    Thank you again giving me the opportunity to serve as your president; I consider it to be both a privilege and an honor. Please feel free to give me a call whenever I can be of assistance to you.

    With warm regards,

    Steven Langer

  • Monday, June 23, 2008 4:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear fellow Sertomans,

    My apologies for getting this out so late in the month.  Hope this letter finds you enjoying your summer and staying cool!  This will be my last letter to you as president, before I turn the gavel over to Steven Langer and take on my new role as your Board Chair. 

    A few quick dates to mention before I get started:  June 25th, which is Steven Langer's Club Leadership Conference at the Summit Club from 6-8pm.  Please come show your support for Steven and hear about his plans for his tenure as club President!  Also, July 10th from 6-9pm will replace our regular club lunch meeting on July 3rd for our new board installation.  Spouses and significant others will be invited to this nice event at the Summit Club and the cost is $30/person which will include food and beer/wine.  This will also replace our Summer Party.  Hope you can all make it to these fine events!

    Lastly, I just want to thank all of you for your wonderful support this past year.  So many of you dedicated your time and talents to help myself, and the club as a whole, and it is more appreciated than you know.  I have really grown from this experience and can look back and say I am definitely glad I accepted the role of President.  I have also learned so much more about Sertoma than I knew before and look forward to serving as your board chair this year.  I simply ask that you embrace Steven and show him the same support you showed me.  It is this support that helps get you through the year.  Thanks again to all of you!


  • Wednesday, April 02, 2008 3:59 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hello fellow Sertomans,

    It looks like spring is finally here, and along with it, those April showers we always hear about.  I hope this letter finds everyone doing well and not suffering too much from all of this pollen.  We are into the last quarter of our fiscal year now and the next big item on our agenda is our New Member Social which is scheduled for Wednesday, April 16th at the Summit Club (just two weeks away!).  I sincerely hope you can join us for this event and bring several prospects that you think would enjoy joining our club.  This is a great chance to socialize with new people and let them know exactly what Sertoma is all about.  Both of last year's socials were big hits, so I am hoping this one will be too.

    Eric and his crew will be preparing some nice appetizers for us to munch on, and of course there will be beer, wine and other non-alcoholic beverages for our guests to enjoy.  Our speaker for the evening will be Mac Bennett, President/CEO of the United Way of the Midlands.  He will be speaking to us on the importance of community service and volunteer work, and he would know!  The social will begin at 6pm and end around 8pm.  If you have not already done so, please hand out invitations to your guests ASAP.  If you have not gotten any invitations yet, I will have them at the Thursday 4/3 lunch meeting.  Otherwise, please call me to arrange to get yours.  Once you have handed out your invitations, please email myself or Steven Langer with the names and addresses of your guests.  Whether they are able to attend the social or not, we will have one of two letters to send to them after the event: one for those guests who did attend, thanking them for coming and asking them to consider joining, and one for those who could NOT come, letting them know that we missed them but hope they will join us for a lunch meeting one day.  PLEASE do not forget to email myself or Steven Langer as soon as you have your names.

    Again, we are looking forward to a great event and hope everyone can come and bring several guests.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or Steven Langer.

    Thanks for all you do for our club,


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